29th May Langstone Harbour and Oysterbed update from Chris Cockburn

Hello folks

The gull hatch is now in full swing – loads of chicks on both islands. Tuesday’s prolonged rainfall seems to have taken only a light toll of small chicks – a few bloated corpses  were blown ashore this afternoon when the northerly wind picked up – food for the crows!

Big tides on Monday & Tuesday (c5 metres ACD) night probably flooded out gull nests on the saltmarsh of South Binness Island and any little terns nesting on the shingle mounds on Baker’s Island must have been flooded out. Noisy pairs of Mediterranean gulls were noticeable today, which is typical behaviour after failing as is their not-so-innocent forays over the colonies at the Oysterbeds.

Apart from hungry Meds, which get away with murder, the black-headed gulls had to beat off a foraging non-adult great black-backed gull and, for the first time at the site, a buzzard was successfully chased off (possibly one of the local buzzards).

The number of apparently nesting common terns will probably be similar to the 17 pairs in 2012.

Little terns were again in much evidence on the shingle recharge (mating etc) and a ringed plover was acting suspiciously!



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