Hayling Railway in Wartime by Derek Oakley The importance of the railway line between Havant and Hayling Island during World War 2 cannot be underestimated. Although the Island was a restricted area with only about 4,000 residents, it was soon inundated with service personnel, mostly Royal Navy and Army.. The Goods Shed, now The Station Theatre [...]

I had an interesting session with Noel Pyecroft 26 Oct 2012 during which he related the following story... Noel's father, Harold Pyecroft, and Jack Wilkinson were on duty checking the identification of all those passing over the bridge. The island was pretty well locked down during the war and both of them were in the [...]

This article originally appeared in the Hayling Islander. We have permission from both the Hayling Islander and the author (Vic Pierce-Jones) to reproduce this article on our website.   It is well known that during the war Hayling Island was used as a decoy site, luring enemy planes to drop their bombs here instead of [...]