Signalman “Sweeney” Todd

In October 1963 The News published some reminiscences by railway staff, including those of an ex-Royal Marine signalman by the name of “Sweeney” Todd, of Westbourne, whose motor-cycle was always to be seen at the end of the Hayling platform. Todd said that he couldn’t come to work on the train because he had to clear the line for the first train to come. “And I can’t go home on the train on late turn because I have to see the last train safely away.” Todd told The News that being a signalman at the end of the line was not as easy as it looked. There were thirty-six movements to be made every time a train came in because it meant signalling and shunting for the train’s return. “We are all sorry the line is closing,” said Todd, “We shall be offered other jobs but it won’t be the same.”

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  • Sweeney 17 March, 2012, 7:35 pm

    This was my dad Douglas Todd. His bike mentioned was a maroon colour James bike. After the clousure of the Hayling Billy he became a signel man at Idsworth Rowlands Castle.