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I was introduced to the Hayling Billy by an old school teacher Mr Read from Bosmere Junior school which i attended from about 1976 – 79. We used to have an after school cinema club showing old films etc. On a couple of occassions Mr Read would show his collection of movies and slides that he had taken from along the Billy line during the sixties as an alternative to the latest films. He also showed them at the local Havant womens institute meetings. Mr Read was a traditional stricked teacher that would not tolerate bad behaviour but was kind and approachable and loved teaching mathematics not to mention learning of your tables! He lived in North Hayling along with his Father and dogs. He retired around 1978.  Do you know what happened to his library of Hayling Billy films? Does anyone else recall being taught by Mr Read or seeing his films?

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  • Hayling Billy 50 12 January, 2013, 1:13 am

    Good morning Brian,

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    Does anyone else remember Mr Read and his presentations?

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