Hayling Memories by Sarah Stanfield

Sarah recently sent in the following memory as a result of our appeal in the July Hayling Islander,


Re: your request in the most recent Hayling Islander for memories of the
Hayling Billy, my sister and I used to catch the train daily to school from
North Hayling Halt (we lived at Queensway, North Hayling) to Langstone. This
was from 1957 for a few years until we started taking the bus instead. We
attended Havant High School (long since closed) and the walk from Langstone
station to the school seemed a very long one for my short legs! On windy
days we could actually feel the train sway on the old bridge. My father also
caught the train daily to Havant station to travel onwards to London where he
worked as a tailor.
One things my sister and our friends used to do was to hide underneath North
Hayling Halt and put coins on the railway lines to make them ‘grow’, we tried
to turn halfpennies into pennies, but they always came out rather wonky. I
think Health and Safety might have something to say about this nowadays!
I was very sad when the train ceased to run, and I remember going to North
Hayling Halt with my dog on the final journey of the train (I was 10 years
old) and I carried a handmade poster berating Dr.Beeching for closing the

Thank you Sarah. I remember doing the same sort of thing with coins on the track – I found that I too did not double my money > LOL.

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