Circa 1930’s aerial view of South West Langstone

This interesting view was donated by Langstonian. How things have changed. The railway sidings for Langstone Docks were built in this area on both sides of the Hayling Billy Railway. These sidings were installed as part of the 1860 Act of Parliament and were the only part of the to be completed (see The Birth of the Railway). The sidings to the east remain at the time of this picture on land now occupied by the Langstone Sailing Club. The small building (the venturi house) alongside the line was built in 1928 to measure the water supplied to Hayling Island. Although this building remains, it’s future is threatened by further development of the Hayling Billy cycle trail at Langstone. The large building next to it was the toll house for the road bridge. The land, closer to the bridge and to the right of the Hayling Billy Railway had sidings for the Langstone-Isle of Wight link used by the ‘Carrier’. A better view of this area can be seen in the Platelayers on the bridge picture. The road bridge is the one built in 1824 and was the first fixed crossing to Hayling Island. It was replaced in 1956. North Hayling itself has changed dramatically from that seen in this image. The vessels in this view are the Gladys barge hulk (near the toll house) which was broken up in 1936 and the ‘Pet’ next to the quay (now the Ship Inn car park).

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