Langstone Harbour Aerodrome

In the mid-late 1930’s, passenger air travel was really taking off (excuse the pun).
This 1937 letter to Carrells (a long standing building firm in the area) was sent to give them information on plans being discussed between Portsmouth City Council and Havant and Waterloo Urban District Council.
Imagine Langstone Harbour becoming a lake with Portcreek, the Langstone channel and Langstone Harbour entrance sealed off from the sea! What impact would this have on the area? The document is rather lengthy but fascinating and thought provoking. Most of the impact studies were commercially based with little regard to wildlife. How times have changed.
The document was released by Robert Carrell and he has kindly allowed us to publish it on the website.
To see the area affected and the announcement in The Times (24 feb 1937) click here.

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  • ChairmanFish 2 November, 2012, 6:41 pm


    Conclusion of report re the planned aerodrome:

     “Finally, the probability that, on completion of the scheme, the Portsmouth Clty Council may wish to extend the boundaries of the City to take in Hayling Island.and. and possibly Havant must not be overlooked.”

    Draconian powers indeed! Needless to say, neither the Langstone Harbour Aerodrome, nor Portsmouth encompassing Havant and Hayling Island went ahead. 





    • peterd 3 November, 2012, 12:31 pm

      I suspect that the width of the barriers in the Langstone Channel and at the harbour entrance being proposed as too narrow for a road had a lot to do with the possible encroachment on, or absorbtion of Havant land.