Wildlife Reports

Collection of reports – holding section only. To be re-organised when all archive data from HB50 has been added.

Hello, here is a much belated update of the 2015 breeding season at the Hayling Oysterbeds. Just like 2014, the first black-headed gulls and Mediterranean gulls arrived on the lagoon islands on February 14. Numbers of both species rapidly increased as March progressed and, although not properly counted, the numbers of Mediterranean gulls seemed to [...]

Hello folks As expected, a few black-headed gull chicks have made their somewhat shaky first airborne excursions (they can hardly be called ‘flights’) and, thanks to freshening winds, many of them ended in angry and seemingly rather violent responses from the gulls in neighbouring territories after emergency landings were needed. It’s a tough life out [...]

Hello folks There are now lots of black-headed gull chicks of varied shapes and sizes on the two islands in the Hayling Oysterbeds’ lagoon. Inevitably, a few chicks have been lost, particularly those that venture onto the lagoon waters during very windy conditions; they get blown across the lagoon to the shorelines where they are [...]

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