This section is devoted to to those who have used the Hayling Billy to travel to school, holiday recollections or any other relevant memories of Hayling Island.

What excitement for my two sisters and me when we caught the train from Portchester to Havant and then waited to board the Hayling Billy. This would be a regular summer treat at the weekend or during the school holidays for the family in the 1950s, with Dad loaded up with towels and bathing costumes, and sharing food [...]

It was around the mid 1950s when I set out on an occasional venture.  I was carrying a one-year-old daughter and holding the hand of the other as we boarded the bus from Cowplain to Havant Station. There we clambered aboard the Hayling Billy for the lovely scenic journey across the sea to Hayling. After the long [...]

In 1947 I was living in Highgate. (I was aged 7). We got a taxi to Waterloo, then the train to Havant, then the Hayling Billy. We walked up to Warner's Southleigh Holiday camp, in St Mary's Road. Before we left we packed a trunk with all our holiday gear. The trunk was picked up by the rail company [...]

Rowena lived in West Lane and could see the train across her garden. As a child aged 7, Rowena and her sisters loved to watch the trains go by; they also used the trains as clocks as they used to run regularly. She has memories of the crackling of the corn; this happened because the [...]

These wooden set squares which came into the possession of local Havant builders are inscribed: Cut in Leigh Park 1853. The day that George Couzens was killed on the SCR railway commonly called 'Old Brooksey'. 1889 1853 36 years ago Looks bad The remaining words are not readily decipherable. A typed copy of the burial [...]

Terrier replenishing its water tanks at Havant My family moved to Hayling in 1949 when I was just four years old. We frequently used the train and as children my friend and I enjoyed playing on the tracks and along the adjacent shore. I had the privilege of travelling on the Hayling Billy twice daily during term time [...]

No 46 Newington at the Hayling Billy Pub on Hayling Island My parents lived in Surrey between Guildford and Farncombe in the 1940s and 50s. The first time I visited Hayling was in 1950 when I was about seven years old and my brother was still in his pram. My parents took us on the train from Farncombe [...]

The billy passing over the viaduct at sunset I was born and lived on Hayling Island as a child; my mother was a dancer and taught there. I travelled on the Billy Line from as young as three months old. My grandmother used to take me, I used to go to school in Woking so would travel on [...]

Triggs house behind the station buildings where Martin and others had their bicycles stored for 3d per week. Martin moved from Birmingham to Hayling Island because his sister was sick with asthma; she went to St Patrick's the open-air school. She came down two years before the family, but her asthma was so much better that the whole [...]

The railway viaduct where Brian and his school friends would 'grope' for mullet. As a child I lived in Hayling at 117 Kings Rd. My father used to work at Hayling Fairground; it's where he met my mother. They got married and I have fond memories of my childhood there. Hayling was a different place then, we'd have [...]

During my childhood our summer ‘holiday’ involved long walks and homemade picnics. However, one day was always special. Sandwiches, homemade shortbread, fairy cakes filled with fruit and topped with a crunchy, sugar coating, flasks of milky tea, swimwear and most importantly buckets and spades, were soon packed and ready for a grand adventure. Everyone carried [...]

My father and mother kept cows. Between 1934 and 1946 we were given permission to remove the grass cuttings which the railway platelayers had cut and left to dry on the railway embankment. We also gathered Sea Spinach (now called Sea Beet) from harbour side of the railway embankment, this was good to eat but [...]

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