The Bridges

Learn more about the ingenious Victorians methods of building bridges.

This map shows the rural nature of Hayling Island and the new housing developments on the east of the Island. It also shows the original route of the Hayling railway as authorised by the 1860 Act of Parliament, running on an embankment to the proposed docks near the Portsmouth - Hayling Ferry. The 1864 Act [...]

A discussion was opened with reference to the flooding of land and houses, by high tides, near North Hayling station. W. Carpenter Turner stated that the Council had been communicating with the LB&SCR Company with the object of inducing them to raise the railway or erect a sea wall on the side of the permanent way. [...]

I had an interesting session with Noel Pyecroft 26 Oct 2012 during which he related the following story... Noel's father, Harold Pyecroft, and Jack Wilkinson were on duty checking the identification of all those passing over the bridge. The island was pretty well locked down during the war and both of them were in the [...]

The present Langstone (Road) Bridge was opened at noon on 10 September 1956 by the Rt Hon AHE Molson, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport, using a solid gold key. It was the biggest venture in Hampshire since WW2 and an outstanding example of a pre-stressed concrete bridge. It was designed by the County [...]

Chris recently came into possession of this painting. Can anyone please help identify the artist? Initials AWG. Clues: The painting depicts the old road bridge with no sign of the new bridge being built. Period pre 1954. The locomotive number is 32640, a regular on the branch. Period BR era - post 1948. My guess [...]

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