Contractor’s Locomotives

Contractor's Locomotive Furniss No 2The first locomotive used on the line by the Contractor engaged to run the line, was No “1” – a 0-4-2T of unknown manufacturer, with outside 11″ x 18″ cylinders, a haycock firebox with a box-type saddle tank and 3′ 6″ coupled wheels. When it eventually developed boiler trouble, it was sold to J.W. Boulton of Ashton-under-Lyne. At the same time, the Contractor also acquired ex-LSWR 4-wheel coaches to operate the rail service. There are no images of No1 currently available of this locomotive. If you know of one, please let us know.

The second locomotive was No. “2” – also an outside cylindered loco but of a 0-4-0T design built by George England. Later, trailing wheels were added to make it a 0-4-2T but curiously, they were larger than the driving wheels! (3′ instead of 2’10” for the driving wheels). The cylinders were 9½” x 13″.

Both these locos were sold to J.W. Boulton before 1871 with Mr. Furniss hiring a third locomotive – a 2-4-0ST – called “Wotton” which was a rebuilt tender locomotive. This was used until the LBSCR took over the operations. “Wotton” was then returned to Boultons. There are no images of Wotton currently available of this locomotive. If you know of one, please let us know.

Use of a single locomotive to run the branch left the Hayling Railway Company vulnerable to maintaining a service. Negotiations with the London Brighton & South Coast Railway (LBSCR) resulted in an arrangement whereby the LBSCR ran the branch on behalf of the Hayling Railway Company, providing the staff and stock to do so. Ownership of the branch line remained with the Hayling Railway Company with a lease being granted to the LBSCR.

From 1874, engines operating on the branch line were supplied by the LBSCR.

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Sharp Stewart Locos

Kitson tank locomotive (Bognor)

Kitson locomotive


Stroudley Terrier