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The attached lapel badge was issued to Sam Walder whilst serving with the Southern Railway. Sam’s railway career spanned the LB&SCR and Southern Railway days until he retired in 1934.

With the onset of the second world war, Sam rejoined the Southern Railway to be a lighting attendant on the Portsmouth – Waterloo trains. His role was to check that the blinds in each compartment were drawn on the evening and night trains. Travelling to London during the war was a potentially hazardous activity and no mean undertaking for a man who would have been 75 when the war ended in 1945.

Any help in identifying the significance of this lapel badge would be greatly appreciated. Was it just standard issue for his pre-war service or, was it to do with his war time service?

The rear of this badge can be seen by clicking on the attached file. It has the raised characters H 34198 which may give a clue.

Railway Service lapel badge (rear)

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