Railway incident

These wooden set squares which came into the possession of local Havant builders are inscribed: Cut in Leigh Park 1853. The day that George Couzens was killed on the SCR railway commonly called 'Old Brooksey'. 1889 1853 36 years ago Looks bad The remaining words are not readily decipherable. A typed copy of the burial [...]

The Hampshire Telegraph reported an “alarming accident” at Hayling Island Station on the 31st October 1892. The engine normally employed on that branch was returning from repairs at Portsmouth. On arrival at Havant it was attached to four ’waggons’ loaded with oysters from Whitstable and a break-van. The coaches forming the branch train were standing [...]

An alarming accident happened on the Hayling railway on Monday morning. The engine generally employed on that line had been in Portsmouth for repairs and was returning to Hayling in charge of a Portsmouth driver and fireman, when, on arrival at Havant, four 'waggons' loaded with oysters from Whitstable and a brake van in which rode a porter, were attached to [...]