Alan Bell’s model of the Hayling Branch Line

I am very happy to announce that I have agreed a date (Dec 20) with the Museums Service to view Alan’s model. It is to be temporarily¬†taken out of storage and I shall be able to assess what is needed to display some of the baseboards at The Spring next year.

I shall keep you informed on progress.

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Hayling Billy 50
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  • Hayling Billy 50 18 February, 2013, 2:38 pm

    Tony and I travelled to Romsey December 20th 2012. Driving conditions were not brilliant as I am sure those of you who live in the south of England will remember.

    When we arrived at the warehouse in Romsey, the container storing Alan’s layout was already opened and some baseboards were taken out of their storage boxes.

    I photographed Alan’s layout plan.

    The layout is very large and would require a hall to display it in its entirety. We quickly settled on the section showing the Langstone – Brading IOW train ferry.

    The reasons for choosing these baseboards were as follows:

    1. Its existance has largely been lost in the passage of time.

    2. At least two people are modelling parts of the HB Line and neither of them will include this facility

    The three baseboards were put together. They had some interesting cameos which displayed how this area was used when the service operated.

    Gravel unloaded on the Quayside and being removed by horse and cart.

    Coal unloaded at the quayside and being bagged before removal by horse and cart.

    A box of items with the baseboards revealed a model of ‘Hayling Island’, the locomotive used before the Terriers appeared. This can be seen left of centre, in the above image. There are other items in this box which will be used when the baseboards are displayed.

    The engine winding house

    This building houses a steam engine (modelled and can be seen with the roof removed) which operated the chains used to haul the wagons onto and off the ferry. Levers outside of the building were in a ground frame to operate the points and engage the chain drive.

    The ‘Carrier’ train ferry

    Everything is beautifully modelled and should make a very fine display at ‘The Spring’.

    Thank you Oonagh for making this visit possible and for your assistance at the warehouse on the 20th.