Robert Outen – Hayling Railway Guard 1879 – 1899 by Debi Smith


Roobert Outen was born in Whichers Gate, Rowlands Castle in 1836. He married Hopesill Baker, a Havant girl, in 1859 and they had 11 children.


Robert and Hope were living in the household of Alex Halloman, Railway Station Master at Rowland’s Castle. Robert’s occupation was recorded as a labourer and his wife, Hope, as a servant. Their first child, Hopestill, was about six months old.

Robert joined the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway (LBSCR) in 1863. His employment record is given below.

13 Oct 1863 Porter at Havant Station. Badge No 1857. Pay 15s 0d

01 Jan 1865 Pay increase – now 16s 0d.

1865-1879 Pay increase – 18s 0d. Badge No 732. Robert now gets clothing allowance.

24 Dec 1870 Now shunter at Havant. Badge No 1021. Pay £1 1s 0d. Robert gets clothing allowance.

12 Mar 1879 Promoted Guard on Hayling Branch. Badge 108. Pay £1 4s 0d.

31 Mar 1890 Now passenger guard. Badge 205. Pay £1 4s 0d.

Robert walking along the train at South Hayling

Robert had to retire in 1899 due to ill health and, according to The Times of 1899, was presented a purse containing £51.

Times Article 1899

Robert and his family were living at 10 Sommers Town, Havant and five more children had arrived: two more daughters- Jane and Faith and three sons- Robert, Charles and Sidney. Robert was employed as a railway porter.


Robert and family living at Belmont Villa and three more sons and two daughters had arrived.

Colin, Bessie, Mary and Percy had all been born in Havant but Stuart (who was just 3 months of age on April 3rd when the census was completed) had been born in Hayling.

Belmont Villas, Station Road, West Town, Hayling Island in 2012. The large, single story extension at the front, was added more recently.

All six of Robert Outen’s sons were employed by the railway for varying lengths of service.

Robert Outen’s Children


Their first daughter, Hopestill, was born in 1860 in Idsworth, a community about two miles north of Rowland’s Castle. She died at the age of 19 in Havant.

JANE OUTEN (1862-1909)

Jane Outen

Jane was born at Thorney Island, Sussex in 1862. At late as the 1891 Census, Jane was at home with her family.

In 1901, following the death of her father, Jane and Faith jointly ran a refrehment room at Berkeley Cottage, Station Road, West Town between 1901 and 1909. Berkeley Cottage was close to South Hayling station and it is thought that this facility was provided for travellers whilst waiting for their train (no such facilities were provided at the station). Additional revenue will have come from the people working at the Gas Works which was located behind and to the right of the building.

They must have also taken in lodgers for Sam Walder stayed here when he was appointed to Hayling Railway Guard.

Berkeley Cottage in 2012

Berkeley Cottage in 2012

Jane died in January 9,1909 at Hayling Island. Family notes record her death as a result of tuberculosis.

FAITH OUTEN (1865-1945)

Faith was born in Havant and lived at home with her parents at least until 1881 at the time of the Census when she was recorded as being an unemployed domestic servant.

Faith (left) with her mother, Hope

In 1891, Faith was living in New Windsor and employed as a mother’s help domestic in the household of Ruth Young, a widow. By 1901 Faith was living with her sister, Jane, and operating the refreshment house at Berkeley Cottage. Sometime after Jane’s death in January of 1909, Faith went to a position of cook/housekeeper for a Mr. Edward Tanqueray at his home Tingrith, Hayling Island. Mr. Tanqueray had been a boarder in the home of Robert and Hope Outen ten years earlier when the 1901 Census was done.

As far as is known, Faith later lived at 2 Madiera Villas, Hayling for several years up to October 1921. She operated a guest house for summer visitors at this address. It is known that her two nieces: Kathleen and Doris Outen (orphaned daughters of Robert and Sarah Outen) lived with her for some time, helping Faith run her business.

Her niece Kathleen went to Halifax in 1920 to live with Faith’s sister Bessie and her husband Harry Gardner. Kathleen died in July 1921 just two months before her sister, Doris, arrived in Canada to also join her Aunt and Uncle.

Faith then came to Halifax, Nova Scotia in November 1921 to visit with her sister, Bessie (Outen) Gardner. Faith listed her brother, C. D. (Charles David) Outen, 22 St. John’s Road, Redhill, Surrey as her closest relative in the country from which she came on the arrival form to Canada.

A ship’s passenger list recording departing passengers from Halifax for December 1923 records Faith’s return trip to England from Canada, bound for Redhill, Surrey. As it notes that her last location of permanent residence was Canada, it may be assumed that Faith had remained in Canada for just over two years.

Faith died in 1945 and the death was registered in Bedfordshire, England.


Robert Henry was born in Havant and started his railway career with London, Brighton & South Coast Railway in January 1882 and was recommended by Mr. W. Cousins.

Outen, Robert Henry

Robert Henry Outen

He began as a Goods Clerk at Eastbourne Station earning 12s per week. The following year he was earning 14s per week. Between 1885 and 1887 he was appointed Clerk/No. Taker,still at Eastbourne and now earning 18s per week.

He transferred to Brighton Goods Station 1891 as a Delivery Porter earning £1 4s 0d per week. In 1895 Robert was now a Checker with a pay increase in this position to £1 6s in 1898.

The records indicate that Robert resigned from the railway January 2, 1903. However, on his death registration his occupation was recorded as carman, but no additional details about his railway career are known.

On August 27, 1892 Robert had married Sarah Stevens of Eastborne in St.Leonards-on-Sea. They had two sons born in Brighton both of whom died as infants, son Robert in 1899 and Lawrence 1901. Then two daughters arrived, Kathleen in 1902 and Doris in 1904 both also born in Brighton.

Robert’s wife Sarah died in December 1904 in Hayling South and Robert died in August 1907 at 2 Belmont Villas in Hayling at the age of 40. Robert’s sister, Jane Outen, was present at this death and the informant on the death registration. He died of phthisis pulmonalis syncope (tuberculosis).


Charles was born in Havant on September 25, 1868. He spent his entire career with the railway and upon his retirement produced a retirement card which outlined his almost fifty years with the railway. He married Alice Titchener in 1897 in Reigate. They had two children: Charles Robert born in 1898 and Gwendoline born in 1909.

Charles Outen Retirement Card - Front

Retirement Postcard – front

Charles Outen Retirement Card -Back View

Retirement Postcard – back

Charles died April 12, 1943 at the age of 74.

SIDNEY OUTEN (1870-1897)

Sidney was born in Havant in 1870. He began his career with the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway on February 25, 1889 as a porter at Hassocks Station and was recommended by Mr. Young. He was paid 12s per week with an increase to 14s in April 1890. On December 27, 1890 he was appointed Shunter at Three Bridges at 18s per week. In 1891 Sidney was a Night Shunter at Three Bridges earning 3s 4d per day.

On November 5, 1892, Sidney was earning £1 1s still at Three Bridges and then on July 1, 1893 he was transferred to Brighton Goods Station. On November 4, 1893 his wage increased to £1 2s as a Shunter at Brighton Upper Yard.

Sidney had married Marian Bentley in 1895 and they had one son, Sidney Outen, born September 29, 1896 in Brighton.

Sidney died January 7, 1897 at the age of 27.


COLIN OUTEN (1872-1959)

Colin was born August 1872 in Havant.

He joined the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway (LBSCR) February 1890 as a Porter at Arundel Station. He earned 12s per week. This was increased to 16s per week 7 Aug 1891. He lodged in Arundel according to the 1891 census.


Colin at Arundel

Colin at Arundel

Colin was moved to Three Bridges, 31 October 1891. His pay was increased to 18s per week. He received further pay rises to £1 per week (26 Nov 1892) and £1 1s per week (28 Nov 1893).

Colin was then moved to Haywards Heath (15 September 1894) as a Shunter earning £1 1s per week. This was increased to £1 2s a week (24 November 1894) on his appointment as a Night Shunter.

His final move was to Lewes (1 May 1897) where he was appointed Transhipper with pay reduced to £1 per week. Colin resigned from the LBSCR 12 November 1897.

Colin had married Rose Willett June 3, 1895 in Havant. They had three children: Hopestill Agnes born 1896, Rose Hilda born 1900 and Colin Reginald born 1902.

Colin went to Halifax, Nova Scotia from Liverpool on July 31, 1905. His sisters Mary and Bessie were in Halifax at the time. Colin eventually settled in Kenora, Ontario where his wife and children joined him in June 1906. They were a pioneer family in the area and Colin became a farmer amongst other jobs he held in the area.

Colin made return visits to England in November of 1933 for six months following the death of his wife Rose in October of that year and then again in January 1953. Both visits were to 22 St. John’s Street, Redhill the home of his brother Charles David Outen and family.

Colin Outen died in Kenora, Ontario on October 12, 1959

BESSIE OUTEN (1874-1941)

Bessie was born August 8, 1874 in Havant. She was living at home with her parents at least until the 1901 Census and shortly thereafter she went to Halifax, Nova Scotia in July 1904. Her sister, Mary, was already in Halifax, having arrived earlier that year.

Bessie returned to Hayling to marry Henry Gardner on February 26, 1906 then she and her husband returned to Halifax on May 14, 1906. Henry was a conductor with the Halifax trams. Bessie and Henry returned to England in December 1909 but it is not known for how long a time they stayed but they were back in Halifax at the time of the 1911 Census.


Bessie with husband Henry


Some time after1915, Bessie returned to England, probably while Henry was serving in WWI. Her return to Halifax was in April 1918. Her husband Henry returned to England for a visit in 1920 and when he returned to Halifax he had brought with him his niece, Kathleen Outen, to live with Bessie and him in Canada.

Bessie and Henry had no children of their own.

Bessie died in Halifax on February 8, 1941.

MARY OUTEN (1876-1956)

Mary was born October 6, 1876 in Havant. She was the youngest of Robert and Hopestill’s daughters. As was the case with her older sister Bessie, Mary was still at her parents’ home at the time of the 1901 Census and no occupation was recorded for her.               

Mary Outen

In April 1904, Mary left Hayling for Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is not known why she chose to make this significant move, but she was joined by her sister, Bessie, three months later.

Mary was back in Hayling for her sister Bessie’s marriage to Henry Gardner in February 1906 and she returned to Halifax with Bessie and Harry in May of 1906.

At some point after 1906, Mary made her way back to England and then returned to Halifax in April 1909. What may have been her final trip back to England, Mary left Halifax in April 1910 and was living with her sister Faith at the household of Mr. Tanquery at Tingrith, West Town, Hayling at the time of the 1911 Census. Her occupation was recorded as parlourmaid (domestic).

Mary returned to Halifax in January 1912. She worked as a cook in a local Halifax restaurant and in later years worked as a cook at Grant’s Hotel in Guysborough, Nova Scotia.

In August of 1941, Mary married Henry Gardner (the widower of her late sister Bessie).

Henry died in Halifax in January of 1944 and Mary died in September 1956 in Halifax.


Percy was born November 1878 in Havant. He married Alice Hopkins in Eton on May 30, 1897. They had two children both born in Egham: Harry Percy Thomas born in 1900 and Florence Bessie born in 1903.

According to the 1901 and 1911 Census’, Percy was employed as a Railway Shunter at Eton and a Railway Signalman at Egham respectively. I have been unable to locate him in railway records but the locations suggest that he was employed by the London & South Western Railway (LSWR).

Percy died on March 9, 1952 in Egham, Surrey.

STUART OUTEN  (1880-1970)

Stuart was born 26 December 1880 in Hayling.

Stuart joined the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway (LBSCR) as a Signal Clerk, at Havant, in August 1894. He was paid 7s 6d per week.

He was moved to West Grinstead (8 September 1895) and his pay was increased to 10s 0d per week. He was re-assigned (9 September 1896) as a Porter and paid 12s per week

He was moved again to Wivelsfield 18 May 1900 where he resigned from the LBSCR.

He re-applied to the LBSCR 26 July 1901 and was employed as a Porter at Brighton and paid £1 2s per week.

Stuart married Beatrice Viney October 27, 1906 at the Church of St. Mary in Hayling South.

In the 1911 Census, Stuart was still a Shunter for the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway.  He will living at Fernside, New Lane, Havant with his wife and daughter Beatrice who was born August 1907.

Outen, Stuart, Beatrice and child

Outen, Stuart, Beatrice and child

In 1911,the Outens also had two boarders living with them: Charles Bernard Howard, a Shunter Porter, and Frederick Benjamin Pigram, a Porter, both men working for the LBSCR.

(Frederick Pigram died of wounds on December 3, 1914 in France. He was a Private in the Hampshire Regiment 1st Battalion,)

Stuart and Beatrice had three other children: an infant son, Robert Outen who was born and died in late 1911; a son Stuart who was born in 1914 and died at the age of 16 in 1930; and a daughter Kathleen born 1916 and died in 2001.

Stuart Outen died at the age of 90 in 1970 in Surrey, England.

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