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Samuel Walder Sam continued in his father’s footsteps by joining the railway as a porter at Havant for the LB&SCR. Sam is second on the left, middle row

Havant Station Staff before 1899

Havant Station Staff before 1899

Promotion to Guard came in 1899 at which time he worked on the Hayling Branch Line.

Sam in London Brighton and South Coast Uniform shortly after he was promoted.

Sam shortly before the formation of the Southern Railway in 1923.

Sam in Southern Railway days

Sam worked on the Hayling Branch line between 1899 – 1934. Following his retirement, a presentation by the National Union of Railwaymen, was organised. This is the notification that was posted.

NUR Presentation Meeting Notice

and here is his certificate


Family Tree website belonging to Geoff Nutting. This website is well worth a visit and we also have the site owner’s permission to re-produce these images.

Sam Walder -Retirement presentation – Roger Nash

Newspaper clippings provided by Roger Nash These clips show how Sam was greatly appreciated by both the railway and the travelling public.

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