Florence Mabel Crassweller – Porter South Hayling 1916-18

The following article and pictures were submitted by Jenny Odey


She was known as Mabel throughout her adult life.

Mabel was born on the 4th February 1900, to George and Harriet Crassweller, at Rails Lane, South Hayling.

Although Mabel was my Great Aunt, I only got to know her, when she was widowed for a second time in 1973.

Mabel 1916

Mabel 1916 as an LB$SCR Porter

Mabel worked on the Hayling Branch during the first world war as a Porter.

North Hayling Halt circa 1916

North Hayling Halt circa 1916

One of her daily jobs was to travel to North Hayling Halt, by train, to clean out the waiting room. As this was not very big, it must have taken longer to get there than to do the job.

North Hayling Halt was not the best place to go in the in the winter months, as it was very close to the sea and very exposed.

Mabel married Alfred Stanford on September 8th 1923, at St Mary’s church.

Alf was also a railway worker. Maybe they met at work but I do not know.


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