Trips to Hayling by Christina Phillips

No 46 Newington at the Hayling Billy Pub on Hayling Island

My parents lived in Surrey between Guildford and Farncombe in the 1940s and 50s. The first time I visited Hayling was in 1950 when I was about seven years old and my brother was still in his pram. My parents took us on the train from Farncombe to Havant where we crossed the platform to the Hayling Billy Line. My brother’s pram was lifted into the guard’s van and I with my bucket and spade, together with my parents, made the journey to Hayling. I remember that it was always very crowded – a lot of people travelled to the seaside in those days, and there were always willing hands to lift the pram into and out of the train.

Many years later on a trip to Hayling my mother spotted the old Hayling Billy steam engine in the grounds of the Hayling Billy public house. I can’t tell you how delighted she was to see the ‘Coffeepot’ and how many happy memories it brought back for her.

My husband also visited Hayling as a child and we in turn brought our children to Hayling for holidays by the sea.

Now we are retired and live on Hayling, it’s like one long holiday!

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