Mystery rail accident by Ann Griffiths

These wooden set squares which came into the possession of local Havant builders are inscribed:

Cut in Leigh Park 1853.
The day that George Couzens was killed on the SCR railway
commonly called ‘Old Brooksey’.
36 years ago
Looks bad
The remaining words are not readily decipherable.

A typed copy of the burial register in The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre, Havant, says that the train ran over George and that he was 72 years of age when he died. The likely candidate is George Couzens who was 70 on the 1851 census. He was ‘a pauper formerly a blacksmith’ and lived in the Pallant, Havant, with his wife Catherine, aged 69 and a daughter Charlotte, aged 20.

We would be interested to know more about this accident, as it does not appear to be reported in the local papers.

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