Childhood memories by Brian Robinson

The railway viaduct where Brian and his school friends would ‘grope’ for mullet.

As a child I lived in Hayling at 117 Kings Rd. My father used to work at Hayling Fairground; it’s where he met my mother. They got married and I have fond memories of my childhood there. Hayling was a different place then, we’d have our coal delivered by horse and cart and the milk too! I remember the Billy Line well; my first trip was from Hayling Station.

When I went up from Hayling School to Warblington Secondary School, my friends and I would have to get to Northney Halt by bus, and then catch the Billy train to Havant. I remember at Northney Halt there was a ‘hermit’ chap who lived in a boat.

The Billy Line was always hectic, packed with school kids, then all the holiday makers. I remember being about 13 and on the train home from school there were always fights, scuffles and squabbles – usually over girls! It was a big change for us I guess, going up to secondary school and it being off the Island too. It was the bus, the train and then another train to get to Warblington, it was quite something. After school sometimes we’d go under the Langstone Bridge and grope for mullet.

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