The Billy Trail is full of local history, real life stories and a vast amount of natural history. Lots of information is available to inspire people of all ages to learn about this amazing local resource. We are especially keen to inspire and pass knowledge on to school pupils.

Visiting the Billy Trail gives opportunities for looking at the landscape to find clues showing that there used to be a railway there; discovering items still in situ from the railway; and exploring wildlife such as flowers, insects or birds and the habitats in which they live.

As well as visiting the Billy Trail pupils can learn about the Billy Trail through classroom based activities. There are resources available throughout this website that can encourage research and discussion about transport through the ages, local history, how people used to live, and the wildlife that can be found there today.

Currently we are able to offer guided sessions for local schools to discover the Hayling Billy. Sessions can take place on the Billy Trail or in your school classroom and can be tailored to meet the year group and current topics of learning.

There will also be an education pack available soon for schools to use that will be full of information, stories and activity ideas.


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