Bridge car park to railway alignment upgrade (May – June 2014)

The following link to the Havant Borough Council website gives a good account of the Hayling Billy Trail and the objectives of the Partnership >

Extract regarding works to the northern end of the Hayling Billy Trail in May 2014

‘However as part of the Hayling Billy 50 project, matched with funding from Havant Borough Council, Hampshire County Council and the Veolia Environmental Trust and as a direct continuation of the ‘Phase 4′ works under way each end of the road bridge, it has been possible to secure funding for improvements to the north end of the Trail which links Havant Road with the top of the former railway line, south of the Bridge. A project to improve the surface and drainage of this 250m long section of path, which is currently narrow, muddy and poorly drained, has been approved and reconstruction of the path to create a new 2.5m to 3m wide, loose surfaced and well drained path will be carried out in May 2014. For the expected three weeks this work will take, the Trail will be closed to the public at this location.’


Bridge car park entrance to HB Trail. image Peter Drury

Bridge car park entrance to HB Trail. image Peter Drury

This view is of the entrance to the trail from the bridge car park (opposite the Texeco garage).

On the left is the bridle way entrance and the main entrance is for all other forms of permitted traffic.

This area was heavily overgrown but has been cut backto allow easier access. Work starts week commening 19 May to upgrade the trail itself. I shall add further images as the work progresses.

Path work – Northern section of the HB Trail 21 May 2014
Work started on time, 19 May. The first 100M of the new formation (from the old railway alignment towards the bridge car park) has begun. The existing surface has been graded out with large material being removed and stones placed in the newly widened section. See photos below..

19052014 004

19 May 2014. Image S Mountain

20052014 003

20 May 2014. Image S Mountain

Path work – Northern section of the HB Trail 28 May 2014 

Despite the poor weather conditions, most of the length of the path has now been excavated and path edgings laid.

28052014 003

28 May 2014. Image S Mountain

It is still planned to have the path completed on the 6th June 2014.

 Additional photos 29 May 2014

29052014 002

29 May 2014. This view is at the junction with the old railway alignment, near the signal. Image S Mountain

29052014 009

29 May 2014. This view is towards the car park opposite the Texaco garage. Image S Mountain

The new levels for the path surface can be seen at the path edging.

Path work – Northern section of the HB Trail 4 Jun 2014 

About half of the 250M length has now been completed. Dry conditions are required to lay some material and hopefully we shall get this over the next few days,

When opened, there will be a period when care is required to allow the surface to complete the binding process. Notices will be displayed requesting equestrian users to ride at walking pace to prevent damage to the new surface for a few weeks.

03062014 005

3 June 2014 Looking towards the bridge car park. Image S Mountain

03062014 002

3 June 2014 Looking towards the railway alignment. Image S Mountain

Path work – Northern section of the HB Trail 6 Jun 2014 

I went down to see the path works in the final stages of construction and to meet the team working on the trail.

North path upgrade

The Caroway team – Photo Peter Drury

They were working on the final section, laying the top surface and raking it smooth prior to using the roller to compress it.

North path upgrade (3)

6 June 2014 Working on the final section, under the trees near the bridge car park entrance. Image Peter Drury

The surface starts to bond following compression.

I was dismayed by a couple cycling on the path even whilst the team were trying to smooth the newly laid surface. I greeted them and politely asked if they were aware the path was closed and that the surface had not yet bonded. They rode off and the man called back saying something about getting our fingers out. 

Northern section path upgrade-

9 June 2014 following reopening of the trail. Image Peter Drury

9 June 2014

The trail was re-opened late last Friday. Today was spent in tidying up the soil at the edges to the path.

The surface is behaving as we expected. The top 10mm of surface will shift but settle and bed down and bond with use.

More work is still being carried out which does not affect the use of this section of the HB Trail.


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