Platelayers on the bridge

A track gang pause to pose for this picture. Note how none are acting as lookout even though a Terrier is approaching the bridge! This scene shows the derelict wharf area and winding house. The ‘Carrier’ used this wharf taking coal wagons etc to the Isle of Wight. The lower signal arm looks strange. It is a ‘Distance’ signal with the familiar ‘fish tail’ shape. The white band looks to be rectangular. A feature familiar on LSWR ‘Distance’ signals at the turn of the century. For those not familiar with this signal here is a simplified explanation. The signal indicates to the driver that the next ‘Stop’ signal is at danger when it is presented as shown in the photograph. The driver may pass this signal but be prepared to stop at the next signal. If the arm of this signal is down then the driver knows that the next stop signal is clear.

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