Guard Duty at the Road Bridge

I had an interesting session with Noel Pyecroft 26 Oct 2012 during which he related the following story…

Noel’s father, Harold Pyecroft, and Jack Wilkinson were on duty checking the identification of all those passing over the bridge. The island was pretty well locked down during the war and both of them were in the Home Guard. A bus approached and stopped for the passengers to be checked. The passengers were politely asked to disembark and present their identification papers. One young sailor started to cause a lot of trouble and said ‘put your rifle down old fella and I shall sort you out’. He continued to make trouble so Jack handed his rifle to Harold and before sailor hit Jack, he received one blow from Jack’s hand and fell to the floor where he remained. After all the checks had been done, the sailor was assisted back onto the bus to complete his journey.A valuable lesson learnt.


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