Final passenger departure from Hayling Station 3 Nov 1963

‘The Final Sunset’. 32670 (ex Poplar) stands at the head of the final passenger departure from Hayling Island, a Locomotive Club of Great Britain excursion on Sunday 3rd November 1963. The day after the final day of regular passenger services. 32636 (ex Fenchurch) was at the rear of the train that fateful day, the pair being the oldest locomotives on British Railways at that time. Of particular note among the crowds of rail enthusiasts and well wishers are the two signal posts. That nearest the engine is of a standard Southern Railway design constructed of old rails, of a type that still survives in odd corners of the modern network. The one to our right however is a wooden post provided by the old London Brighton & South Coast Railway, already something of a rare survival it was subsequently salvaged for posterity and put on display at the old National Railway Museum at Clapham. (Photo: Roger Gallienne).

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