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The scenery along the trail is second to none and the wildlife will really surprise you. The flora along the path is part of a managed scientific planting area. If you are a bird lover there is much to see all year round as the migration seasons constantly change the backdrop.

The following links are a guide to what is available on the website.

How the nature reserves were created

The Oysterbeds are a particularly important location within the nature reserves, read about how this area was created following the closure of the railway.

Spotter guides

are provided to help you identify what you see.

Classification systems

If you are interested to learn about how classification systems were developed from Aristotle (Order of perfection) to the present day (Evolution), then this is available too. An easy read with links to more detailed information if you want it.

Wildlife Information

Wildlife that you can see at the nature reserves. These are listed in a taxonomical structure giving relationships between species. Want to know more about this structure? Then read about the classification systems above.

 Wildlife Reports

The islands and lagoon provide a rare sight and opportunity during the summer months because they form a breeding colony for ground nesting Gulls, Tern and other birds and can be viewed at close quarters. The birds are familiar with the passage of people  along the footpaths. Provided you keep to the paths, keep any animals with you in control and do not enter the lagoon, they will not be alarmed at this sensitive time in their lives. In the winter months, the islands are a roosting spot for many bird species and the lagoon attracts Cormorant and other diving birds for the fish contained in these waters. Wildlife reports are issued and can be seen in this section. These are a useful guide on what to expect when visiting the site.


Apart from the incredible flora and fauna to be found on the trail the track offers both amateur and professional photographers alike the opportunity to take some great scenic shots. With a west facing aspect across the harbour, facing Portsmouth with its iconic skyline, one can take some truly stunning shots of a setting sun.

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