Gauge 0 (7mm/ft) Fine scale model of 481 ‘Inspector’ by Colin Paul

A beautiful scratch-built model of No 481 ‘Inspector’, displaying the livery it carried following conversion. This model shall be displayed at The Spring, Havant, between 13th October – 13th November 2013. Another exciting exhibit to see. The notes and pictures below, were submitted by Colin Paul.

See  for the history of this locomotive.



(Formally No.96, No.115 `HAYLING ISLAND`, No.359, and No.499)

In 1868 the company purchased a second hand Sharp Stewart 2-4-0 Tank locomotive for £1,065, and was utilised mainly on small branch-line and shuttle services. During 1889 William Stroudley decided to re-build it as a 2-4-2 Tank locomotive with a private saloon at the rear for his own personal use when travelling around the Brighton system. In December of that year when the locomotive was `in shops`, Stroudley suddenly died thus not seeing the end result. When Robert Billinton took over as CME, he decided to carry on the re-building project. In January 1890 it entered service in full Stroudley `Yellow Ochre` livery, with the rear saloon section painted in `Mahogany` livery lined with `Gold`. At the end of 1898 after travelling 283,789 miles, it was offered for scrap. Withdrawal came soon after in March 1899.


The model is built to 7mm FINE SCALE `O` GUAGE and is completely scratch built, except for the wheels, which are Slater’s, and buffer shanks, which came from castings produced by Colin Hayward. The chimney and dome have been kindly turned for me by Cliff Pestor. It is fitted with a MASHIMA 1833 MOTOR and an S&D 40:1 gearbox for superb slow running. The chassis features double-beam compensation on the leading and front driving axles, whilst the rear wheels are sprung.

481 Inspector - 'Hayling Island' rebuild - Colin Paul

481 Inspector – ‘Hayling Island’ rebuild – Colin Paul

481 Inspector - 'Hayling Island' rebuild - Colin Paul

481 Inspector – ‘Hayling Island’ rebuild – Colin Paul

481 Inspector - 'Hayling Island' rebuild - Colin Paul

481 Inspector – ‘Hayling Island’ rebuild – Colin Paul


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  • Ross Shimmon 1 April, 2013, 12:54 pm

    This is a beautiful model! I was a member of the Portsmouth & District MRS in the 1960s. A fellow member, Colin Binnie, also built a superb model of ‘Inspector’ in ‘S’ scale. I wonder where that is now?

    Ross Shimmon.

  • Huttonmodeller 8 April, 2013, 7:39 am

    Superb Model !!!  Will make every effort to visit the Island – if only to see this ! 

    But its design and construction by Stroudley prompts one question in my mind – How strong was that rear buffer beam? – particularly if the loco was involved in a ‘heavy shunt’ or if it was called upon to haul some rolling stock.  There doesn’t look much strength in the bottom (right angle) fixing to the floor of the inspection saloon and the roof supports (and the roof for that matter) don’t seem robust enough to withstand a heavy shunt (bearing in mind the damage done to a relatively ‘modern’ BR loco such as “Britannia” recently when that was involved in a heavy shunt on the North Norfolk Rly…..) 

    I’M NOT SUGGESTING by the way that the maker of this superb model hasn’t replicated it in exact detail – he has – that was just the way Stroudley designed it…..