The North Hayling Local Nature Reserve

The opening of the Hayling Billy Trail on the bed of the railway line, provided easy access to the Langstone Harbour coastline with its beautiful views. It also opened access to the Local Nature reserve created after the closure of the line and the Oysterbed workings.

The area has much to offer those interested in flora, fauna, safe wind surfing etc.

The magic of the area is completed by the annual breeding colonies on the two islands in the lagoon. Although there is something of interest in the area all the year round, the return of the Tern from Africa is something special.

I shall publish articles on the website about the LNR shortly. In the mean-time, I would invite you to visit my Oysterbed Homepage on my website at >

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  • djc55 30 January, 2012, 12:54 pm

    I used to visit that area frequently in the 1950s, as we lived nearby, and often fished, mostly unsuccessfully, off the oyster bed wall near North Hayling Halt. On one occasion, before my fishing days, I think in 1947, my uncle came over from Ireland for a visit. Knowing nothing of the spring tides, he took my cousin Peter and me for a walk to what we used to call the “Point”. straight out from the Halt. The tide came in and we were cut off. He took off his jacket and waved it, attracting the attention of some people waiting for a train on the Halt platform. Somebody alerted the emergency services, who sent out a landing craft from the military base at Northney Camp to take us off. We then had to walk home to Stoke from the Camp.