Hayling Train Service 1899

In May 1899 the Hampshire Telegraph reported some concessions which the London Brighton & South Coast Railway Company was making to the train service between Havant and Hayling.

  • From June 1899 a train would arrive at Hayling Station at 7.45 a.m. A train, convenient for businessmen, would leave Hayling at 7.55 and arrive at Havant at 8.15.
  • A train carrying the newspapers would arrive at Hayling station at 9.15 a.m. which would allow the inhabitants to receive their papers 45 minutes earlier than at present.
  • The 9.47 train would leave at 9.37 a.m. so that passengers could catch the London express from Havant at 10.01.
  • Also, an evening train would connect with the “theatre train” from Havant on Thursdays between July and September, to enable Hayling residents to attend the Portsmouth theatres.
  • The Company had agreed to run a later train from Hayling to Havant at 8.10 p.m but would not agree to a Sunday service during the winter. They had, however, entered into an agreement with the Grand Hotel, Hayling, to run a bus service instead. (The Grand Hotel didn’t last long!) “

Also the LB&SCR is preparing plans for extensive alterations to Hayling Station and has agreed for an island platform to be commenced forthwith. A goods shed is also to be erected.”

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