1859 Proposed Bill to Parliament and 1860 Act of Parliament

Proposed Bill

A notice was published in the the November 25th 1859 London Gazette advising of the intention to bring a Bill before parliament to form a Company, working with the L&SWR, the LB&SCR and The Portsmouth Railway to create merchant docks, connected by railway, as described in the 1855 proposal in the Nautical Magazine.

Direct connections with the L&SWR and LB&SCR were to be made but not the link to Havant. This was to be a mainly goods railway.

Note: Joint running between Havant and Hilsea junction was agreed between the LB&SCR And L&SWR in 1859

The railway alignment on the embankments fulfils William Padwick’s plan to re-claim the mud lands.
The fears about France were at a height at the time, with fortification building taking place.

1860 Act of Parliament

1860 Act of Parliament

The Hayling Railway Company was formed and authorised by an 1860 Act of Parliament to build a railway connecting Havant with Hayling Island.

The 1859 Bill was modified whilst passing through Parliament. The eastwards connection with the LB&SCR was replaced with a westwards connection to Havant and the creation of the docks at the Hayling ferry was dropped and expected to form the basis of a new Parliamentary Bill. Without the docks scheme being in place it is hard to understand the commercial case for building the section from Langstone Wharf to Hayling.

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