A discussion was opened with reference to the flooding of land and houses, by high tides, near North Hayling station. W. Carpenter Turner stated that the Council had been communicating with the LB&SCR Company with the object of inducing them to raise the railway or erect a sea wall on the side of the permanent way. [...]

Rural Railways article 22 September 1900 In an article on "Queer Travelling' The Weekly Standard and Express explains that 'at North Hayling a train only stops when a driver sees a passenger on the platform, or a passenger has expressed a wish to alight there'.

An alarming accident happened on the Hayling railway on Monday morning. The engine generally employed on that line had been in Portsmouth for repairs and was returning to Hayling in charge of a Portsmouth driver and fireman, when, on arrival at Havant, four 'waggons' loaded with oysters from Whitstable and a brake van in which rode a porter, were attached to [...]

In the 1920s and early 30s several children travelled with their mother from Tottenham to Langstone Station to spend the summer holidays with "Grandfather and Grandma Dedman" at The Old Mill. The 1911 census for the former windmill at Langstone shows George Dedman as a 60 year old cowman, his wife Mary, and two of [...]

HT 5.1.1907 With the advent of the New Year a railway motor service has been inaugurated between Havant and Hayling. The motor service is similar to that running between Portsmouth and Chichester and will carry only one class of passengers. It is claimed that the service is to be improved but it may be pointed [...]

The present Langstone (Road) Bridge was opened at noon on 10 September 1956 by the Rt Hon AHE Molson, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport, using a solid gold key. It was the biggest venture in Hampshire since WW2 and an outstanding example of a pre-stressed concrete bridge. It was designed by the County [...]

The first meeting of the flat races, fixed to be held for two days annually at Hayling, came off under extremely unfavourable circumstances..... Heavy rain fell during the whole of the day and this discomfiture was considerably increased by the fact that there was no railway communication from Havant, as had been anticipated, the government [...]

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